About Us

Welcome to Mile Wide Sports…

We are full time sellers on Ebay with an emphasis on Customer Service. We supply a variety of high quality outdoor apparel and gear at amazingly low prices. And, we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our products. We are enthusiasts with over twenty years experience in the outdoor industry. We use the products that we sell and we understand your needs as a consumer. We are based in Flagstaff, Arizona just below the San Francisco Peaks

The Green side of Mile Wide Sports…

We care about the environment and do many things to minimize our impact so we can continue to use the outdoors and promote healthy lifestyles.

Our Practices include:

Reused Packaging Materials: the packaging material you receive in your orders are picked up from local bike shops and then reused in your package - we ask that you continue this process and recycle or reuse.

Bicycle Delivery: weather permitting we are able to deliver your packages to mail centers by using our own human power and decreasing our company’s carbon footprint.

Bicycle Commuting: we are in the outdoor business because we love the outdoors. For us throwing a leg over our bike to commute to work is second nature.

Tele Commuting: the internet has offered our society the ability to work from anywhere a web connection can be made.