How to Measure Your MTB Shock

If you are planning to upgrade your bicycles rear shock to something such as a Fox RP23, you'll need to take into account a few critical measurements in order to get the right fit.

Click on the guide above to see a basic diagram of the critical components you'll need to measure before you place your order order. You will most likely have to remove your existing shock from your bike in order to get accurate measurements.

Overall Shock Length

Be certain that when measuring the overall length, that the shock is aired up and fully extended.

Stroke Length

Stroke length is the measured difference in shock length from fully extended to fully compressed. Indeed, you will have to deflate the shock completely in order to measure the compressed length. Be certain to take these measurements at the same points.

Bushing Inside Diameter

Bushing sizes vary. Be certain to provide this measurement with your order.

Bushing Outside Diameter

The mounting eyelets on differing shocks have differing sizes. That said, measure yours so we may be able to match it on your new Fox RP23 or Fox RP2.

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